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Mastering Audio

Mastering is a vital part of the recording process, so much so that a substantial amount of mythology is associated with it. We've all heard stories of high-priced mastering engineers with mystical, proprietary gear based on gilded vacuum tubes salvaged from ancient Russian submarines... or something similar. But we've also heard of computer studio owners with a two-track editor and a few plug-ins who have started mastering their own material.Today, the tools for quality mastering are finally within the financial and technical reach of anyone who's serious about recording. But 95 percent of mastering is not in the tools — it's in the ears.Unless you have the ears of a mastering engineer, you can't expect any plug-in to provide them for you. Besides, much of the point of using a mastering engineer is to bring in an objective set of ears to make any needed changes prior to release.

DJ Bookings

Most of the dj's we know have been playing for year's some of them have played at some of the biggest and best club's in the world and know how to play to a crowd and what to play in different setting bar nightclub or private party’s.They also have exclusive following's and music made by them or other big artists they know that other dj just ant got.We also taking on young and new aspiring dj's playing all style's.We think this is really important because people should still be payed for this service.Sadly a lot of the young dj are playing for nothing this Is not good for anyone as the saying go's you get what you pay for go to our djmixes page's to listen.

Join Now

People have a talent we want to show this to the world.Weather its art design’s dj's music production and beat making send us your demos and join our team.We think if more people stick together you have more chance of success.We have a good team of people at the min but would like more people and product's to show to the world.If you like what you see and would like to be part of this please contact us.


Would you like to learn to dj or produce music maybe learn piano? your in the right place we can teach you this at your own pace from the basic Level to advanced.We teach cubase logic native Instruments.We could also show you were to get free programs and help you with them too.You don’t need money to get programs to make music all you need is to no were to get them and how to use them.Right from your home you could link to us online and get help thought Skype.Their so much to know but the stuff we know we will show you and help you move to were you want to be from playing music to owning your own record label we can help.